There are many products that are being campaigned very effectively irrespective of their positive / negative effects on humankind.   For example those chocolates, biscuits, carbonated drinks – we all know they are “JUNK” but crores of dollars are being pumped in to make it work. Let me add a few more apart from junk food alone. These “Fair skin” promising creams, shampoos advertisements too.   Every one of us knows, these are not good for human race. Well, they are not poisonous that make you die immediately.. but children who are wooed to consume it regularly are prone to “Allergy” & “Asthma” for sure. I’m confident that you all would agree with me.

Is it the fault of “Marketing”?

I hear people saying – “All because of marketing”. Marketing is not wrong. The person / company who wants to sell them are wrong.

Marketing is like a sharp knife. Very powerful. But it does not know whether is it in the hands of a good person or a bad. It can sculpt or kill. Why blame Marketing for all the wrongs a man/ a company does! I often come across people saying, “Even a toilet cleaner can become a Health drink, thanks to Marketing”. “Marketing is spoiling kids’ health.” I hear many such remarks on a daily basis.

Why can’t you publicise “Yoga” as if it’s a style statement?

Why can’t you promote “Eat Fruits / Eat Vegies” as it is a good for health statement?

The whopping budget spent on these Junk commercials is so huge that kids are certainly unable to resist indulging in them. Given the population of India, even if each child buys for the 1st time (or even only once), the cost of advertisement spent is easily recovered. These facts define marketing strategies.

It’s extremely difficult to be a “good parent” these days! To bring – up children in the right way is certainly a huge task these days. Bombarded from every direction by all attractive commercials, kids want to experience them atleast once! Where to stop them? Is not that the government watching these, are not that the religious Gurus watching these, are not good citizens watching these? I don’t know, but in this flashy world, these flashy strong advertisements are noticed only for wrong reason- temptation.

And they blame it on Marketing.

Marketing is like a sharp knife… it’s effectiveness depends on who holds it…