I have always wondered while I observe Marketing Gurus. They have a common behaviour. They look very cool & un-organised sometime… suddenly they appear very disciplined and organised.

They are mostly aware of their strengths. They know to play to their strengths. My first boss was a great strong woman. An extremely disciplined lady with amazing speed of thought. Discipline with respect toher strong value systems. Very honest, straight forward lady.

Her self discipline in terms of being organised ws a big “zero”. You will be shocked to see her table in a big chaos. Many things would be there “dis-organised”. But, if we touch any thing, she will know. She has this dis-organised things neatly organised in her mind. She knew the order in her chaos.

When we approach these Marketing Gurus with “out-of-the-box” thinking, they would curl inside with an conservative approach for that particular topic. On the other hand, they would suddenly come up with shocking contemporary ideas.

They are a real mix. Is it that they have trained themselves to be that way? Or is it their nature itself? When you talk to them, you will be surprised and shocked that they will twist and turn the conversations very creatively and interestingly… its their nature itself.

They are creative. But disciplined creative people. They are very faast. They are lightning fast. This speed sometimes makes them go off track, make mistakes which only hepls to polishe them. But they never lessen their speed.