Make your Signage work overtime.

5 important points to remember while erecting your sign boards

I hate to make my employees work overtime as it would mean that they are inefficient or ineffective.   But, I always make materials work harder – after all they do not have to balance work and life!  


Visibility is vital, especially for hospitals to communicate their services, offers, etc. One site hoardings/ display boards produce best results. Whether it is Digital Signage solutions or non-digital, there are a few easy tips we need to keep in mind.   

  1.  MCI‘S & advertisements:With MCI’s strict rules against advertisements, signage is a boon for hospitals. I am seeing huge demand among hospitals who are investing heavily on making their facade attractive and meaningful.

My strong recommendation is – place content above looks. List your services and then look at improving the looks.

  1.  Save Cost:Billboard / hoarding advertising are effective but expensive.  So, please earmark nice places inside your premises for your hoarding. Every big hospital from Apollo has hoardings onsite, from car park to gates to their walls. Make absolute use of all possible places to COMMUNICATE. The site is free and you have to pay only for the flex.
  2.  It’s ok to tweak your logo: reduce or enlarge the size or remove some elements ONLY for signage as sometimes it is near impossible to display the logos as per Brand Identity Manual.  Strict brand rules can be loosened keeping “consumers” in mind.
  3.  Assessment is critical:

The assessment stage decides the location of the board, material to be used and content to be displayed.  In order to be effective we need to identify the EXACT PLACE which will have maximum visibility. The assessment team will travel by the site by walk, bus or car as necessary to identify the strategic point for maximum visibility.

  1.  Different Shapes, different types, different Sizes:

Design your boards uniquely to communicate “Loudly”.  Let people come in with joy of being in a professional set up and not with fear of the unknown.

Let navigation start from a distance:

  • Road corners – Direction boards
  • Patient navigation points
  • Signals
  • Shops / Pharmacies
  • Other Nursing Homes (co-branding)
  • Other clinics etc.

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