Make your signage work overtime for you – Case studies for better understanding

Live case studies have always helped us to understand and open up new areas of thinking.

Casestudy 1

A Diagnostics center chain. Though the External Signage boards had a meaningful design, there was a challenge in maintaining consistency because the “Service Offerings” of the chain were not uniform. Still, we went ahead making a CT Scan picture on the Signboard in one of the centers at Madipakkam within the design template. Similarly, in T. Nagar center which alone offered MRI, we incorporated it in the template for the 20×4 board. The elegance was maintained and the purpose served.

Casestudy 2

Once we were asked to assess the visibility and recommend  new places for putting up boards in a hospital, that according to our client, lacked visibility though situated in a central location. We found that all the existing boards were in the right places. My husband suddenly shouted , “It is not the location guys, it is the Size!” That was a ‘Eureka’ moment. The existing boards were enlarged to 4 to 8 times their original size, to get a Better visibility. The hospital brand gained respect and reputation through the visibly powerful boards.  There has been no looking back from then.  People look at the brand with “Awe” right in the center of the city.