1. Website

First things first.  Let’s have your Website in order.  This is the place patients visit to get all the necessary information about your hospital. A well designed website containing all the salient information about your hospital is as important as employing the keywords that patients use in their search. If patients are satisfied with your website then that is the best incentive to visit your hospital.



2. Social Media

Social Media is the place where patients look for reassurance through all the reviews available for your hospital. Being active in Social Media makes you available to your prospective patients.  Even after reaching your hospital premises, patients can be influenced by their friends and relatives if the social media is not updated or attended to properly.  Let’s understand that the impact of digital world is very real.



3. Blogs

A blog about diseases, procedures, prevention etc. will keep your hospital relevant and in constant contact with your patients and prospective patients. Blogs are excellent means of communicating your expertise, your care and your sense of responsibility towards society.




4. Signages in your locality

Physical visibility is a must to reinforce your brand in the minds of your patients.  We need to communicate your services and specialities clearly and prominently- whether it is 24×7  emergency, pharmacy or anything else it is mandatory to communicate boldly and loudly through signages.




5. Get the brand identity manual right

The look and feel of your brand must be the same at all times.  Whether in your stationery, on an acrylic signage material or on cloth, your brand and its communication must be identical.  Make sure you develop a full-fledged brand identity manual before you start being visible in all media.




6. Internal Signages for branding

This is an excellent means of advertising which is under utilised by organisations.  Let,s focus on people who step into your hospital. Hand-holding care that addresses all their queries empathises with them about their worries and anxieties, builds trust in their minds by reinforcing accomplishments and expertise will make patients stay with you for long. Even visitors would subsequently become your patients over time and will also ensure excellent word of mouth publicity.



7. Participate in events related to your procedure

Be visible always through giving speeches, or by taking part in exhibitions or sponsoring events which focus on your speciality are some of the ways in which to capture new patients and retain existing ones through events.




8. Conduct events in your geo location

Small events or road shows are a must while you deliver your patient care.  GO WHERE EVER YOUR PATIENTS go.  Be there, if they are in theatre (during release of a famous movie) or if they are in a beach during Shankranthi (PONGAL) season, be there – just go wherever your patients are.  In malls, you can look at publicising services that target Teenagers or college students.  And be there near temples and churches to address the adults and near mosques on Fridays etc.



9. Get your events published in press (PR)

Editorial coverage is the best tool to attract the sincere and serious target group.  Nothing can beat the authenticity of a press coverage.  An editorial coverage is equivalent to 10 advertisements.  Please make sure you give human interest stories, your achievements all packaged into nice stories in the press. OFTEN




10. Celebrate festivals 

Along with patients, make sure you bring in celebration mood always.  We may be in the healthcare business, but let the sickness and moodiness not touch others.  Lets us light the happiness through celebrations and luckily in India we have celebrations every other month.  Let’s grab opportunities to celebrate life.