Marketing Management System

Marketing Management:

“Marketing” is the back bone of any business.  We are proud to say that without marketing, a business will never grow.  Marketing is not just an advertisement or publicity.  Marketing is much more.  There are several sub-segments or specialization in Marketing.

There are 4 “P” in Marketing
  • People
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

For a hospital, all these are very important.  


Setting up a hospital requires an enormous capital. Bringing in revenue from the first quarter is an ambitious goal, but we aim towards it from inception. We start working towards a marketing plan from the conception stage.

A hospital is:
  • Cost intensive
  • Technology intensive
  • Human resource intense
  • Emotion intense
  • Knowledge intense

To grow a successful business in this environment is a challenge. Marketing makes the necessary impact towards top line revue generation. Industry standards predict a 3- 5 year break-even period, we work towards a first quarter impact. Once the Marketing strategy is right, we proceed in the right direction thereby achieving quicker results.

Nursing Homes & Clinics:

It is relatively easier to position and market a Nursing home.  Most of the Nursing Homes have loyal customers and their target groups are geographically limited to their local / neighborhood population.  We understand their needs and customize our services based on their requirements.  

Once personalized care is established, there is no looking back.