Medical Tourism

Do you know why Chennai is considered the Medical Mecca of the world?

We have always wondered why patients cross borders and choose to visit Chennai for all their health issues.  Is it the dependable security that the city boasts off, the conventional warmth with which Tamilians treat the foreigners, the ever dependable (HOT) climate or the enviable expertise available here??? Is it the technology upgrades, the constant updates & training or is it the unconditional TRUST people of Chennai enjoy amongst International fraternity???

Yes. We certainly have the skills & expertise of caregivers. Every single patient from abroad has experienced the knowledge and authority of our doctors to go back home and talk about the same. Here is the evidence that doctors in Chennai are indeed among the best.

Google has just released the list of 20 best doctors in the world.  In one speciality, Paediatric Surgeries alone, amongst the best doctors in the world, 2 are from Chennai.

Parents across the globe trust their kids’ lives with these 20 most influential doctors in the world.  Google has conducted a study looking at doctors who have contributed immensely in the field of Paediatric surgeries of various specialities.  These 20 doctors have pioneered significant surgical procedures or have contributed in revolutionary fashion and are thereby trusted by parents across the world.

The 2 Specialists from Chennai who made the list are Dr. K. M. Cherian of Frontier Lifeline Hospital and Dr. Mohammad Rela of Global Hospitals, Chennai.


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