Press Relations

Media Relations:

Press Relations is a very strong tool in Marketing a hospital Brand.  More than any other medium of publicity, if a hospital uses PR as its prime Marketing spend, and then it is a sure shot that it would grow exponentially.  In fact the best advantage of PR is that it is much cost effective compared to other forms of Publicity like print advertisements or BTL etc.  But the long lasting effect in the minds of people is much higher compared to any other form of publicity.  That is the power of an Editorial coverage.

Prashanth Hospital:

A new technology brought in smiles in the mother.  Embryoscopy brings in quality sperms thereby higher success rate in pregnancy


The new technology, first of its kind in Chennai is a , a boon for the people with eye issues.

GKM:  A new scheme which is hard to believe for the public due to the amount of services it pours in for the benefit of its neighbourhood population.  This is an exercise to build loyal customers.