Sales Force Management

Field Force

In general marketing, the word, “Field Force” is usually used for sales staffs who sell products. But, the same team (when trained well) would give surprising results in influencing Hospital Marketing.

Typically in a Hospital scenario, there may not be a product to ‘sell’ but there is a lot of scope for creating awareness amongst the “influencer” market.

Referral Doctors

Practicing doctors in the neighbourhood (usually a family doctor) is the first person who influences a patient on the plan of treatment. Only if those doctors are updated about the latest technology acquisition, procedures or special training abroad, a new specialised team adoption of a hospital will these reach their patients.

Word of Mouth though helpful, requires a long time. For immediate results hospitals need to invest in a field force to interact with the influencer groups.

Sales Force Management is a very important marketing tool that helps us during the holidays.

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