Training Feasibility Study / Marktet Survey / Others


It is extremely important that every staff member in a hospital, from doctors to support staff get regular ongoing training. This not only helps them update their knowledge base, but also enables them to gain the patient’s perspective and helps them manage critical data with ease. This training is a marketing exercise as every employee is a patient contact point at some time and becomes a brand ambassador for the hospital. One bad experience has the potential of snowballing into major negative propaganda. By being sensitive and understanding of the patient needs, employees will generate effective ‘Word of Mouth’ publicity, which can be more powerful than any major advertising campaign.

Market Survey:

Sound Marketing Decisions have to be based on surveys.  Otherwise, it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Every successful marketing campaign and  brand initiative has been possible as a result of diligent market surveys.  There are different types of surveys available on various target groups.  They help in identifying

  • Where you stand
  • How your target perceives you
  • What the reality is
  • The existing gaps if any 

Once these facts are established, Marketing Strategies are developed to bridge the gaps in communication.  Any resources spent in research are an investment in brand and market understanding.  Any marketing initiative that is not based on sound research will be a waste of resources.  Moreover undoing an incorrect brand image would be more expensive and sometimes near impossible, than building a new image of an organisation.

Feasibility Study:

First do no wrong. This is very true when starting a venture. Any start up or diversification not based on data analytics and feasibility studies is bound to have a rough passage.  Unless we analyze and understand the need in the market and base the business on meeting the need, there is every possibility that a venture may fail.  A careful feasibility study is extremely important before taking the first step of investing in starting a business.

  • Disease profiling of the Market
  • Catchment areas
  • Population size
  • Competitors analysis
  • Paying capabilities
  • Are some of the important metrics studied

Data Analytics:  Importance & relevance of Analytics in Marketing, and how useful it to understand the target to take important decisions which will directly impact the bottom line of an organization.

Strategy Consulting: How important it is to have a long time experience in the domain for getting into this mode.  Strategies are the life lines of any business without which we just cannot take the company in the right direction.

Market Research (Survey / feasibility):  Very important to understand the pulse of the market and launch or focus on particular facility / service / product in that particular locality.

Marketing Management Systems:  Unless proper documentations are made, records are maintained – the organization cannot forget.