Once you are READY, you will go out & perform…without knowing you are Marketing yourself.

I would call Marketing desire as one of our basic desires. “Once you are ready from inside, you cannot keep your mouth shut – even if you are an Introvert” – told my Markeing Guru once. I saw it come true.

Here is a doctor who calls me to say that his patient put him through a call to the Chief Minister. He could not believe his ears. He was telling this to every single person he was encountering. Because he has been acknowledged by the first person of the state that he has been doing a good service. This doctor does not know he was Marketing.

Another doctor was excited that she could understand the importance of Embryoscopy that could select only Healthy sperms so that IVF results improved drastically. She was going on telling this to all around her. Even in newspapers. This is Marketing. But she might not know she was marketing herself or the technology.

If an owner of a company is doubtful about his / her business or idea he will never Market himself or his company. He will not have time to Market because he will only try to find ways to improvise his services till he perfects it. But the minute he understands that his systems / his company is perfected which can work automatically, he will concentrate on Marketing without his consciousness. Only when he is ready internally, he will start opening up towards marketing.

This has always interested me. Even a layman knows that Advertisements are to woo the customers. But why does the sale go up once it is advertised? This must be the reason. Heart to heart all human beings know that an Advertisement / Marketing initiative happens only if the service or Product is READY from WITHIN to the satisfactory level. Therefore, people buy it / experience it.

After a rise in sales due to an advertising campaign, the tempo is maintained by the promises kept. I am not touching these points here… Im only saying that “If you are ready from inside (up to your knowledge) you will advertise”

Another question rises here!!!! Why do doctors feel Marketing is a bad word?

I feel any successful doctor is certainly Marketing himself though he does not understand it is Marketing. Various degrees and various ways depending upon his appetite / life’s mission. There is a doctor who is called “Rs. 1 doctor”. For him money never inspires. He gets his happiness only by charging 1 Re to all his patients. Hundreds of patients throng his clinic. There are doctors who are so focussed in SAVING lives through surgeries. Day & night they perform surgeries ONLY TO SAVE LIVES. They do not talk. But perform in unbelievable numbers. Their action talk. Their actions are Marketing. Even when doctors remain unconvinced about marketing, they are indulging in it subconsciously. Marketing is a necessity and is here to stay, in one form or another.

You cannot hold back your LOVE, so also your MARKETING desire…